The 3 Most Effective Strategies to Grow Your Reach on Instagram

(Without Needing 1000s of Followers)

Go from always feeling behind on your Church Instagram to confidently reaching more people every single day, without the stress or confusion.

In This Training



A Why You Shouldn't Be Aiming for "Perfect"

You’ll learn why “perfect” posts aren’t always effective posts and what will actually move the needle forward to reach more people.


The Type of Content You Must Be Posting

You’ll find out why all the Instagram “tips and tricks” don’t always work and the one piece of the puzzle you might be missing.


The One Post Type Geared Towards Reaching More People

You’ll see the power of this one post type - backed up with real analytics - and how it can help you reach not only more people, but new people on Instagram.

This Training is a must attend if… 

You are a Church Communications Director who wants to...

You want your team to be confident about what to post and what approach to take, while seeing the payoff of the time you invest. You also want the tools and resources to train and build a kick-butt social team.

You are a Social Media Manager (or volunteer) who wants to...

Learn what kind of content you should be creating to make a difference. You want to be intentional in every post, see the real impact you have through social and not be running around wild trying to figure out the next best thing.

You are a Pastor who wants to...

Stop wasting time on the wrong things. Focus is your middle name and you want to make sure your church is headed in the right direction on social to make sure you are set to grow your reach exponentially this year.

Did I mention you'll get a special gift just for showing up live?

When you show up live you’ll receive: The Church Instagram Caption Super Pack: 30 Prompts That’ll Make Writing Your Captions Easy. 

When it comes to engagement on Instagram, you want to have authentic conversations, but what is stopping you? The answer is your caption actually being seen and read. 

 This gift will help you: Start off on the right foot knowing what to say every day for an entire month and decreasing the amount of labor it takes to write compelling captions, while grabbing the attention of your community and opening new conversations.

It’s only available if you attend the The 3 Most Effective Strategies to Grow Your Reach on Instagram (Without Needing 1000s of Followers) training so save your spot right here and make sure you show up to grab this gift!

A personal invitation from Danielle...

I want to help you work smarter (not harder) on Instagram to reach more people with your message and run a mission-forward Insta.

After serving at a primarily volunteer-run church for 12 years, working at church marketing companies, running the Communications Team at my church (with all volunteers!), and working closely with many churches on their social media and marketing, I’ve discovered the exact strategies that differentiate a powerful church Instagram from one that never gets any traction. 

This training includes the most important aspects of everything I’ve learned in developing an effective church Instagram without all the overwhelm and confusion.

If you’re committed to making this the year you level up your church Instagram the right way, I can’t wait to help you get there faster. 

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